Who We Are

LRW helps top-tier law firms formulate and execute their strategic recruitment initiatives. We consider all aspects of strategic development, including financial objectives and geographic reach, in our targeted recruitment approach. Once the strategy is clear and the goals are set, we search for individual lawyers, groups of lawyers, or law firms that can help our clients to achieve their objectives.

The LRW Advantage. The best-known firms in the legal search business have taken one path, while LRW has taken another. Instead of developing large databases in order to fill numerous searches, LRW focuses exclusively on the high-level strategic needs of select law firms to identify those talented lawyers who can move these firms into the future. Out-of-the-box thinking is a hallmark of LRW. We have the experience, the thoughtfulness, and the creativity to develop and execute the full range of strategic alternatives: that is the LRW advantage.

Our History: Moving Right Along. Our unique approach to strategic counseling reflects our own history. Our consulting business began over 35 years ago with the simple recruitment of individual lawyers and evolved naturally into career counseling of highly motivated associates. As the associates matured into partners, LRW became a trusted advisor and helped them to identify and build on the core strengths of their law firms to maximize client service as well as financial performance. As the partners matured into practice and firm leaders; so did our expertise broadened into strategic analysis. When their firms set their sights on global opportunities, LRW was there to advise them on cross-border strategies, including international alliances and mergers. Today, LRW has high-level relationships in London, but our focus remains on high-caliber firms that seek to expand in the New York marketplace.