What We Do

Methodology: Analytical Tools. The research and analysis capabilities of LRW is enhanced by a state-of-the-art technology. LRW has created a proprietary flexible-matrix model that allows us to analyze relevant client data in order to determine how different scenarios fit into our clients’ strategic criteria. The data include client-specific variables, such as practice profiles and client base, financial goals, and geographic and cultural compatibility. This tool helps to communicate and synthesize complex data in a highly efficient manner, thus saving valuable time for clients. The matrix model also allows us to assess and react strategically to the impact of unforeseen external and internal factors. With its network of contacts and analytical tools, LRW has the judgment and the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Long-Term Relationships. Over the years, LRW has cultivated a network of accomplished lawyers who stay in contact with us as a valued counselor. Because these professionals trust and respect our judgment and discretion, they recommend colleagues to us that may not otherwise be in the market. They, too, will often consider opportunities tailored to their professional interests that we recommend to them. Our network is a marvelous source of information for delving deep into the due diligence research of candidates and firms. We believe that the quality of our peer review network is second to none. Lawyers want to stay in communication with us because over the years LRW has earned their trust and respect. With these well established, longstanding relationships, the responsiveness of LRW is unsurpassed.

The Client Relationship. The relationship with the client is one of full transparency and regular communication. There is always a willingness to share relevant observations with the firm as the work progresses. We use the client’s time efficiently. LRW only refers candidates who meet the agreed upon criteria. We are mindful of objective criteria as well as the personal qualities that would make the candidate a fit for the firm’s culture and long-term strategy. Our matrix system accurately and quickly synthesizes key information, yielding a highly focused snapshot of the comparative strengths.